Briceland Fire Protection District

Meeting Agenda   January 11, 2023   3:30 pm at BVFD Fire Station

New Board Members

  • Swearing in of Iona Dillon-Briefer and Diane Richardson
  • Announce vacancies for two board seats

Approve Agenda

Approve Minutes of Last Meeting

Elect Officers for 2023

BVFD Report: Aurora Studebaker, BVFD Fire Chief

Fiscal Report: Joan Courtois, BFPD Financial Agent

Warrants to Release Funds to BVFD and TRFPD – VOTE to approve and Sign

Resolution to Waive Requirement to Maintain Website – VOTE to approve and Sign

Establish Working Groups:

  • ‘Road Name Sign’ committee
  • ‘Charge List’ committee
  • ‘Fire Hazard Reduction Tax Exemption’ committee

Review Meeting Schedule for 2023 / Confirm next meeting date

Complete and sign annually required forms:

  • ‘Roster of Public Officials’
  • ‘Authorized Signers’
  • ‘Form 700’

Public Comment


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