Briceland Fire Protection District

Notice of Public Meeting

The Briceland Fire Protection District will host a public meeting

Wednesday, July 24  5:30-6:30 pm at the Briceland Fire Station

to answer District residents’ questions regarding a fire protection district parcel tax increase due to rising costs.

The parcel tax, which was approved by 85% of the District voters in August 2012, included pre-approval of a cost of living increase tied to the Consumer Price Index, but no greater than 5% per year.

The District proposes to increase the parcel tax by 3.3% in FY 2024-2025, from $98.18 to $101.42.  This increase is based on the rate of inflation at the end of the third quarter of FY 2023-2024 from the California State Department of Finance, Industrial Relations Office of Research.

More information on the Consumer Price Index can be found at:

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