Support BVFD’s new fire district proposal.

Briceland Volunteer Fire Department has relied on community support in the form of donations and fundraising events since its inception. For a variety of reasons, this funding is no longer adequate, so we have proposed the formation of a formal fire district that would levy an $85 parcel tax to give the Department a stable income base.

For more detailed info, see the page Fire Tax: Questions And Answers. The first step in the formation of the district is to get the proposal on the ballot. We need a minimum number of signatures to do this. This is an official election petition, so must be signed in the presence of someone authorized to collect the signatures. The petitions can be found at the Beginnings, Inc. office at the octagon in Briceland during normal business hours or occasionally at the fire station on Briceland Road when someone is there with the doors open.

Please sign the petition and then encourage all your neighbors to vote yes on the mail-in ballot later this year. Help us to be able to keep gas in the fire truck and provide us volunteers with proper protective equipment and training so we can serve our community. Thank you!

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