Briceland Fire responds to two-vehicle collision in Briceland.

Chief Tim Olsen and Captain Allison Jones (also a paramedic-in-training) happened to be the first ones at scene at about 10:30pm and called in the incident to dispatch. Shortly thereafter, we had nine responders (including several EMTs) and our Type III engine, 5436 at scene.

BVFD EMT/firefighters treating a patient at scene.

Both drivers were taken away by ambulance, Brown’s Towing removed the vehicles, the two CHP officers did their reports and traffic control, we swept up the debris off the road and went home.

This is the kind of thing we do with (unfortunate) regularity, on our own time and for free. While we as individuals don’t get paid, we do need to purchase and maintain our equipment, keep up-to-date on our training, put fuel in the fire truck and so on. Please sign the petition (at the Beginnings office or at the fire station) to form a formal fire district to help us maintain this level of service to the community.

-Mikal Jakubal
EMT Briceland Volunteer Fire Dept.

One of two vehicles involved in the collision.


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