FAQs for Briceland Address and Road Name Changes

What?  Briceland Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD) has been working with the community to correct and update road names and addresses in the Briceland Fire District and to recommended these changes to Humboldt County Planning.  Phase 1 was in the Seely Creek/Elk Ridge Road network, Phase II was in the Crooked Prairie/Blue Slide Creek Road network in addition to Miller Creek Road and Shop Road.  Barley Hill and James Creek roads had changes instituted previously.

  • Road Names. Recommendations were made so that the entire length of a road had a single name.  Whenever possible, the commonly used road names were recommended.  Suggestions from community members were taken to name previously un-named spur roads (when there were sufficient addresses to justify that) or to differentiate when forks had been using the same road name.
  • New address numbers now reflect the mileage from the beginning of the road at 1000 addresses per mile (the County standard).  This gives responders an immediate sense of how many miles up the road the emergency is happening.  Example: 3400 Seely Creek Road would be 3.4 miles up Seely Creek Road (and on the left).

Why?  To save lives!  While we realize there is inconvenience to making these changes, we ask everyone to understand that these re-assignments were greatly needed to correct historical addressing that had oftentimes left homes on the same road—with different road names and homes on different roads—with the same road name and with address numbers in no discernable order.  Having the road names sorted out and a sequential numerical address system will greatly assist emergency responders’ ability to navigate these rural roads and will help them locate where they need to go, when they are needed most.  When minutes can make a critical difference between good and bad outcomes, a coherent address system can mean the difference between life and death.

Where?  This project was done in the Briceland Fire Protection District on roads that had the worst problems and the most people.  As well, a few address changes were recommended for dwellings on roads that cross in and out of the Briceland/Telegraph Ridge District Boundary.  These changes will greatly assist both fire departments.

 How?  Briceland Volunteer Fire Department with grant from the California Fire Foundation funded the purchase of signage and the field and computer work starting in 2021.

What is the City and ZIP for my new address?

I received a Change of Address Notice Letter that gave “Briceland” as my city.  Is this part of my new address?  No.  This has been a cause of some confusion.  Please consult your postmaster directly to get confirmation on the ZIP code and mailing city for your new address, even if you don’t get mail service to your house or if you get mail to a cluster of boxes at the bottom of your road.  The community designation “Briceland” on the letter tells agencies the geographical area the address is associated with for a physical address, but for your specific physical address, you will need a “mailing city” and ZIP to be determined by the postmaster.

Address Signs: 

         Should we post our new address?  Yes!  Address number signs should be posted at the intersection of your driveway with the named road and at the house or other intersections on long driveways.

Does Briceland Fire sell address signs?  Yes!  Address number signs are available for purchase (at cost) for $15 each.  Email bricelandfire@gmail.com with the address numbers you need and state whether you want the signs to be horizontal or vertical and how many you want of each.  Signs can be picked up at the Briceland Fire Station during office hours, Tuesdays 2-5pm.

 What documents do I have to change to reflect my new address?

So far, we have gotten feedback from residents telling us to update their address on documents from:


-Voter Registration

-Cannabis stuff -business license, state license, county permit, insurance, surety bond, CDFW

-Post Office

– Pet Collars

– Homeland Security-Green-card holders need to update their address within 15 days of moving, this may apply if your address changes even if you did not move.

– DOJ (any gun owners)

  • Any two utilities so the address matches your new ID in order to buy guns or ammo
  • Sheriff and Courts, if you have a personal restraining order.



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