Briceland Fire Joins The 21st Century

By Mikal Jakubal
This just went live after midnight on 9/11/10. I’m still actively working on it. There are some bugs and a number of design elements that need adding or adjusting, but I wanted to get it up before the benefit barbecue this afternoon. It’s simple. It’s a start.

Thanks to Penelope Andrews of Earth Gallery for putting together the header image at a moment’s notice.

You can follow @BricelandFire on Twitter if you have an account and you can “like” us on Facebook. There will be more Twitter, Facebook, GoogleEarth and other social media interfaces soon, along with an interactive calendar for department members, more photos, a roster so you can see who we all are, some cool stuff like plans for the new station, the department’s history and archival photos.

We’ll soon have an email signup form and a Paypal button you can use to donate to us. In the meantime, come to the benefit Saturday, have blast and help us keep our all-volunteer department funded and properly geared-up.

Oh, and if there are any WordPress whizzes out there, I have a bunch of questions at the code level that are way above this Luddite’s head at the moment. Contact me through the contact info in the button above or by leaving a comment here.

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