Southern Humboldt fire service members celebrate life of Nancy Peregrine, former Whale Gulch VFC Chief

Nancy was involved in firefighting since the early ‘70s. Throughout her life she contributed approximately 49 years of service to her community as a fire fighter. In addition to direct firefighting she wore many hats including medical aid, communications, grant writing, training, and coordinating. She was involved in starting the Whale Gulch Volunteer Fire Company, was the chief for many years and an active member until the last few years of her life. Nancy was often first on scene so she turned her Toyota 4-Runner into a mini fire engine; equipped with medical equipment, a back board, oxygen, as well as a 50 gallon water tank, a pump, and a few hundred feet of fire hose. She was always prepared for an emergency. She was a first responder, an EMT, and was a CPR instructor through the Garberville Hospital.


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