New Addresses in Elk Ridge and Seely Creek Neighborhoods

Residents of Elk Ridge and Seely Creek are currently receiving notification letters from Humboldt County Planning and Building Department informing them of new address assignments, old address deletions, and new road names in some instances.

This project was initiated by Briceland Fire, with a generous grant from the California Fire Foundation in 2021, to improve emergency response by eliminating sources of confusion for responders when they navigate to emergency calls on our rural roads. Address numbers will now correspond to mileage from the beginning of the road. In some instances conflicting road names are also being corrected and new road names are being assigned. Briceland Fire has purchased road name signs that have been/are being installed. These corrections of road names and sequential addressing help responders gain a sense of the location of the emergency based purely on the address number, and this will reduce response times for emergency services.

Another round of letters from the County correcting addresses will take place for the Blue Slide Creek and Crooked Prairie road networks soon, as well as corrections for Miller Creek Road, Shop Road, and James Creek/Barley Hill Road after that.

Address numbers should be posted at the location your driveway leaves the named roadway. You can post additional signs, if needed, at forks on your driveway and/or at the residence. Signs should be able to be easily seen, even at night.

Briceland Volunteer Fire Department has placed a bulk order for 6″x18″x.06″ aluminum signs with reflective vinyl coating in green and 4″ white numbers. These will be available, for $15 each, by the end of February at the fire station and at special events. Your specific address numbers will be added when you pick them up.

Thank you to everyone for assisting during this process.

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