Briceland Fire Protection District: Quarterly Meeting Announcement

The next meeting is Wednesday May 12, 2021 at 6:00 pm at Beginnings Octagon.


New Business

  • Update from Chief Jim Fulton
  • Resolution declaring hardship – Joan Courtois, District Financial Agent
  • Reports from County Auditor of available tax revenue
  • Approve warrants to disburse funds, Briceland VFD and Telegraph Ridge VFD
  • 2021 COLA adjustment

Old Business

  • Clarify Officers
  • Report from County Auditor of delinquent taxes/Letter to solicit donations from delinquent tax payers
  • Cannabis Business Permit applications input – action taken by VFD?
  • Elk Ridge/Seely Creek road names and address updates

Public Comment


Reminder: Next District Board meeting will be August 4, 2021

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