“Briceland VFD” or “Beginnings VFD”—Who are we?

It was recently brought to our attention that many people may not have realized that the crew of the long-standing Beginnings Volunteer Fire Department voted to change our name a few years ago to Briceland Volunteer Fire Department. But! It’s still the same crew, the same station (though we’ll be building a new one in Briceland-town eventually) and the same reliable, dedicated volunteer service.

When you support the formation of the Briceland Fire Protection District, you’re supporting the same people as always, just with a new name. To be clear: we’re not affiliated or involved with any other organization in the Briceland area.

Why the change? For one, we split off (cordially) from Beginnings, Inc. and formed our own nonprofit organization, so it made sense to have a different name. All other fire departments but one in the entire state of California are named after the specific place or community they serve. While we value our uniqueness here, we wanted to keep with the tradition in the rest of the fire service. Also most of us found the “What is ‘Beginnings’?” question a bit awkward when people in other areas saw our shirts or bumper stickers.

So, please support the volunteers you’ve always come to rely on and vote YES when you receive your ballot in the mail this month!

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