BVFD responds to wildland fire across from station.

Will Salter from Briceland Fire extinguishes a burning tire at the Briceland Road fire 7/21/11

On Thursday, July 21st, BVFD responded to a vegetation fire that was started virtually across the street from the station, along Briceland Road. According to a nearby resident, a vehicle being towed westbound lost a tire, causing sparks to ignite dry roadside grass as the car was dragged on its rim.

The fire burned approximately seven acres in mostly grass, with a residence and other structures threatened. With the dry, windy conditions, the fire could have been much worse, but crews responded rapidly and were helped in the containment by dirt driveways which acted as firebreaks.

Along with Briceland Fire, equipment and crews from Cal Fire, Telegraph Ridge, Phillipsville and Redway responded.

Will Salter and Kai Ostrow doing mop-up on the Briceland Road fire 7/21/11

The pirate survived, but with second-degree burns to his lower extremities. He was treated at scene and released. The bird was unhurt.


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