BVFD responds to vehicle over the bank at China Creek

Saved by seatbelts and a tree.

Four BVFD volunteers responded to a call of a vehicle over the bank at China Creek Rd. this morning around 9am. According to the driver, he was run off the road while traveling westbound by another driver in his lane who was trying to pass an eastbound truck. Despite the truck rolling over and being totaled, the driver walked away unhurt. The tree in the photo prevented the truck from dropping over another 30′ embankment. CHP arrived at scene shortly after BVFD volunteers and we were released from scene.

Also, last night, our sister department, Telegraph Ridge VFD, responded to a vehicle fire on Ettersburg Road that started a small vegetation fire. Luckily the rains had started hours before and the grass and brush is still green enough that the fire never spread. Another week or two and it could have been a major wildfire.

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