About Your Amended Property Tax Bill

A message to property owners from Briceland Fire Protection District Board President Gerald Meyers.
March 2, 2013

Property owners within the newly created Briceland Fire Protection District (BFPD), have now received their amended tax bill for the 2nd Installment of their property taxes for fiscal year 2012-2013. This installment is due April 10th. This revised statement includes a direct charge of $85 from the Briceland Fire Protection District. BFPD was created by the registered voters of the District in a special election held in August, 2012. At that time, District voters also elected a five-member board of District residents to administer this tax.

The $85 charge per Assessor Parcel for the fiscal year was authorized by the voters too late to appear on the normal tax bill, CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE LETTER

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BFPD Board approves BFPD ordinance

For Immediate Publication

At the regularly scheduled public meeting of the Briceland Fire Protection District Board January 15, 2013 at the Beginnings Community Center in Briceland, California The Board passed Ordinance No. 2013-1; TO ADMINISTER THE SPECIAL TAX ON REAL PROPERTY LOCATED WITH THE DISTRICT. The complete draft Ordinance approved at the December 18, 2012 public meeting of the Board was published in the January 1, 2013 issue of the Independent. The final, approved Ordinance contains one change regarding filing the annual report:

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Vehicle over the bank on Briceland Road this morning.

Briceland volunteers responded to a vehicle over the bank one mile east of Briceland. One patient was transported to the hospital.

As of 10:30 am, all Briceland personnel at scene have been released from duty and the scene cleared, but the road will likely remain icy in the shady spots throughout the day.

Our local roads are narrow and curvy year round, but frost during these cold snaps makes them treacherous. Remember, it’s only a painted line between you and oncoming traffic or the edge of the road.

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Single Vehicle vs. Tree on Briceland Road. (The tree won.)

BVFD volunteers, the CHP and Garberville ambulance responded to a single-vehicle traffic collision on Briceland Road on the morning of November 6th. The driver was taken by ambulance with moderate injuries.

BVFD at scene on Briceland Road.

The car was totalled. This is the tree on the right, at the curve after the long straightaway East of Briceland.

The tree was badly bruised, but will recover physically, if not psychologically. It seems to have anger issues because it hits cars right there every couple of years. We’d recommend driving a little slower so as not to provoke it until it can get the help it needs.

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BVFD Fire Fest Benefit this Saturday at Beginnings

Come enjoy local bands, BBQ, libations at the second annual Fire Fest in the Beginnings meadow in Briceland. Festivities start at 4pm. $10 adults, $5 kids.

Directions: From Hwy 101, take the Redway exit. In Redway, turn on Briceland Road, following the signs to Shelter Cove. Go a little over five miles to Briceland and you won’t be able to miss the signs on the right.

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Briceland Fire covering Cal Fire station in Garberville

Multiple wildfires in Northern California have taxed Cal Fire resources, requiring local volunteer departments to staff stations. Currently, our Type III wildland engine E5436 and three BVFD firefighters are staffing the Garberville Cal Fire station. They’ve been busy, responding to a vehicle roll-over in Redway and a vegetation fire in the Meadows Business Park.

Our ability to back up Cal Fire when needed is possible because of the level of training BVFD fire fighters have maintained and the modern quality of our equipment, neither of which is cheap. Having the reliable funding base of the new Briceland Fire Protection District will ensure that we can afford to keep gear and skills up to date, so thanks again to our community for stepping up to the plate for this.

And of course, with resources stretched this thin, it’s more important than usual that everyone be super careful with fire.

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Briceland Fire part of Humboldt Strike Team fighting Northern California wildfires

On August 13, BVFD members operating Engine 5436 joined four other Humboldt County departments to form a strike team to assist Cal Fire in fighting the Wye Fire in Lake County. BVFD members Kai Ostrow, Eric Martin, Shaun Studebaker and Daniel Stein along with Brandon Craig from Shelter Cove Fire all participated in the effort.

Briceland Engine 5436 at the Mill Fire

Read The Rest

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We did it! Welcome to Briceland Fire Protection District.

Or, more to the point, YOU, the voters did it! According to this evening’s Times-Standard online, voters approved the formation of the District by over 85%.

Bridgeville also passed a similar measure, while Palo Verde and Fruitland Ridge rejected formation of Districts in those areas.

The new District will help us maintain a stable funding base, enabling us to keep our gear and training in top-notch shape. As volunteers, the satisfaction we get from serving our community is our only “payment”, so this overwhelming show of support lets us know that what we do is appreciated and valued and that you’re there for us as much as we try to be there for you.

Thank you again for such positive support.

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Briceland Fire helping on Wye Fire in Lake County

Three members of BVFD took Engine 5436, our Type III wildland rig, down to Lake County last night as part of a five-engine strike team from Humboldt County. The Wye Fire and nearby Walker Fire started two days ago and have now burned 7,000 acres, with 30% containment reported as of this morning.

View California Fire Map in a larger map

Our crew will be on this assignment for a few days. If we’re still needed, three other BVFD members will rotate in to replace them. Being volunteers, we have other lives to attend to, so can’t usually pick up and leave for the duration of what might be an extended incident.

Cal Fire reimburses Briceland Fire for our time and equipment when we go to fires in other areas and this is an important source of revenue for the Department. While this is our third such assignment this year, we see it as a funding bonus, too inconsistent to rely on. The proposed Briceland Fire Protection District will give us that funding stability. If you’ve received your ballot, please vote YES and be sure to put it in the mail SOON!

Hopefully the crew will shoot some good photos while they’re down in Lake County. We’ll keep you updated.

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“Briceland VFD” or “Beginnings VFD”—Who are we?

It was recently brought to our attention that many people may not have realized that the crew of the long-standing Beginnings Volunteer Fire Department voted to change our name a few years ago to Briceland Volunteer Fire Department. But! It’s still the same crew, the same station (though we’ll be building a new one in Briceland-town eventually) and the same reliable, dedicated volunteer service.

When you support the formation of the Briceland Fire Protection District, you’re supporting the same people as always, just with a new name. To be clear: we’re not affiliated or involved with any other organization in the Briceland area.

Why the change? For one, we split off (cordially) from Beginnings, Inc. and formed our own nonprofit organization, so it made sense to have a different name. All other fire departments but one in the entire state of California are named after the specific place or community they serve. While we value our uniqueness here, we wanted to keep with the tradition in the rest of the fire service. Also most of us found the “What is ‘Beginnings’?” question a bit awkward when people in other areas saw our shirts or bumper stickers.

So, please support the volunteers you’ve always come to rely on and vote YES when you receive your ballot in the mail this month!

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